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 welcome to the #FPM channel official website

I will give you a main idea of our channel goals and about this website.

FPM channel belongs to the Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement

know as aounist movement

we made the channel to make relation with all Lebanese inside and outside Lebanon FPM or not to exchange our ideas and find solutions  to get better Lebanon



The rise of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) cannot be pinpointed to a specific date, but one can go back to the period between 1988 and 1990 when General Michel Aoun assumed the helm of the interim government in Lebanon.  The events and the national and political choices that accompanied that period were the landmarks around which the coming into existence of the Movement as a political force took place amidst a popular consensus to resist the military aggression, and to liberate and rebuild a nation of laws. 

 The FPM defines itself as a movement for liberation and change.

National objectives

- To recover sovereignty, independence, and national freedom of decision.

- To spread a democratic system of government that is founded on justice, has integrity and transparency, separates all branches of government, and rests on the transfer of power, free elections, and a free media.

- To respect human rights according to norms stipulated by international law and treaties.

- To establish a nation of rights that is committed to the responsibilities that a modern state owes its citizens and the international community.

The present situation

- Syria is an occupying force in Lebanon whose control is not limited to the military and security domains, but goes beyond that to expropriate the Lebanese national decision-making by virtue of its total hegemony over all Lebanese constitutional, political and security institutions.

- The current regime in Lebanon is subservient to Damascus, is a hostage to its will, and does not represent the will of the Lebanese people.

- Syria works deliberately to eliminate the international presence of Lebanon by preventing it from fulfilling its international responsibilities and commitments. As a result, Syria negotiates on behalf of, and over, Lebanon.

- With the loss of its sovereignty and independence, Lebanon is a victim of terrorism and a testing ground for it.

- The processes of “Syrianization” and “Baathization”, which aim at the assimilation of the Lebanese regime into the Syrian regime (of the Baath Party), are the gravest threats to the distinct Lebanese identity. A totalitarian single-ideology system, which is fundamentally alien to Lebanon, to its liberal foundations, and to its moral, humanistic, and cultural character, now dominates general freedoms and rights, the national value system, and the political, judicial, security, and educational systems.

- Public debt is in excess of $30 billion squandered by theft, corruption, and embezzlement. The emigration of more than 1.3 million Lebanese, a soaring unemployment rate, abject poverty, and deliberate impoverishment are the direct result of the occupation and the loss of national free decision-making, and are indicative of a nation in quick demise.

A Resistance that does not compromise on the nation’s fundamentals

- Occupation is occupation, and that which can be justified by enmity cannot be justified by brotherhood. Agents are agents, and a crime is a crime. The truth is the truth with which we will vanquish the occupation and by which our rights shall triumph. The truth is that Lebanon has earned the right to life and to freedom. The right of Lebanon to its sovereignty and independence is a natural and self-evident right that we demand immediately, today, now, and free of any linkage or coupling to any other condition or cause.

- A peaceful, democratic, and civilized resistance is a deliberate choice made by the Free Patriotic Movement in demanding the withdrawal of the Syrian army and its intelligence services from Lebanon. In this resistance, the role of the Lebanese people is central and primary, which they exercise by the free expression of their speech and ideas through demonstrations, assemblies, protests, and other peaceful means.

- War crimes, genocide, disappearances, organized terrorism, impoverishment of the Lebanese people, theft of public funds, and the bankrupting of the nation are crimes whose perpetrators must be held accountable and punished. Any reconciliation that is not based on the exposition of truth and the realization of justice will remain illusory and will not deter the perpetrators from recommitting their criminal acts.

The Third Republic

- The third republic is the post-liberation republic. The FPM strives to achieve it by constitutional and democratic means. Its independence is reinforced by public awareness, learning the lessons of the past, and national entente.

- Rejects the corrupt, backward, and feudal hereditary system, and is founded on the notion of good governance with its firm commitment to national identity and the genuine attachment to the values of citizenship, justice, competence, and accountability.

- Works on achieving the wellbeing of its citizens and their material and moral development in an equal opportunity environment. It considers its citizens as its most valuable resource and works for their stay in their country to enjoy the pursuit of a secure, free, and dignified life, and interact with their changing times and the endless creativity of a global human civilization.

- Ought to be trusted with the future, and therefore builds it by protecting cultural diversity and pluralism, by developing all sectors of a knowledge-based, environmental, and educational economy, and by the sponsorship of scientific and academic research.

- Acknowledges and respects the right to difference and diversity, and protects the freedoms of creed, ideas, and speech, and is a beacon for cultural dialogue and exchange.

The present status of the FPM and its position in political life

- The FPM brings together a select group of committed activists who are in their majority young, university students, lawyers, physicians, engineers, and teachers who have volunteered to achieve the national objectives.

- The FPM has a strong presence on university campuses and within the syndicates and unions of the liberal professions, and in most regions, working to recruit and mobilize the active forces of civil society civil and increase the level of their involvement in the patriotic cause.

- In the political arena, the FPM seeks to gather the national opposition forces around a national salvation program whose fundamentals include the removal of the Syrian army from Lebanon, the achievement of national entente, and economic revival.

- While emphasizing its moderation in its relationship with others, and with its strong conviction in the right to difference, and dialogue as a means to resolve conflicts no matter how serious, the FPM insists on rejecting any compromise where matters of sovereignty are concerned. The independence of the nation and the sovereignty of the state over its territory are absolute notions and fundamental self-evident rights that are, by definition, not subject to compromise, negotiation, or concession.